Monday, August 02, 2004


I live in Dallas, where life is existing at high temperatures. While some people would claim there is a thriving arts community here, these people are fucking liars. They are at home on Sunday watching the Cowboys stomp and smash with jack hammer precision in a hellish stomping mode down to the touchdown of God!
Does anyone remember Mirsky's worst of the Web? I sure do.
Anyhoo, in Dallas, you can see a real live woman in white mercedes, wearing a white dress with white high heels, and white sunglasses. I'm not shitting you, this kind of thing really happens.
Also, we have an odd collection of Church of Christers and fundamentalists who appear from time to time to declare Satan illegal. Why bother?
In dallas, freeways must be built further and further outside the city ring to placate the white people fleeing the decaying urban centers. If you live in Dallas proper you might pay for minorities or go to school and beat up your white children. The sensible thing to do is flee! Flee, white people, flee! Flee in your white mercedes to Frisco! Flee in your white Mercedes to Plano! Flee! Flee to Flower Mound, the Colony, and Addison! Flee White People!
This is the most shcoking news about Dallas: the white people all drive white mercedes and wear white clothing.
The State Department does not recommend you travel here.


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