Monday, May 03, 2010

Rain Storm

A cold front blew in as I was leaving work tonight at around 6 PM. The front end brought some mild sprinkles. I decided to stop at NTB to have my tires looked at on the way home. While I was sitting in the waiting room, watching Entertainment Tonight, I noticed a water stain on the ceiling tiles. I wondered what NTB's are made out of, and whether the people at the NTB corporation have a planned life span for the NTB's they construct around the country. NTB's look like they are made out of cinder blocks and plywood.

Entertainment Tonight gave a scouting report on Pamela Andersons big upcoming performance on Dancing with the Stars. Then it said Lynn Redgrave had died of breast cancer. Then the NTB guy came in and asked if I was the Honda. This created an identity crisis briefly. Then I paid and went home.

The rain picked up and blew through, and the sky turned a light pink and the temperature fell 20 degrees. I ate some beans and had an orange and some Brazil nuts for desert. A man on youtube compared a ferrari to a porsche. He said one was better than the other, but they both looked fast to me. I went outside on my balcony and watched the rain for a while.


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