Saturday, April 05, 2008

Kidd Trade and new theory

The Kidd Trade. I had serious doubts about this when I heard about it. Then I heard it involved Devin Harris and I was double doubtful, but I said nothing because I've been wrong about everything involving the Mavericks. Then it happens and we don't win anything against anybody good, ever.

I think it's time for the toughest member of the team, Avery Johnson, to suit up and take some flagrants. It's my new theory. Victory is caused by flagrants, and AJ is the one who is intense enough to take them. Stackhouse is also, but we need him in the offense. Dirk took one a few weeks ago, but we need his offense.

So there you have it. AJ takes flagrants=victory.

I'm also interested in his new book, Aspire Higher. This explains a bunch of the problems I've been having in my life. I thought when they said Aspire Higher it meant sit on the couch and eat potato chips and drink Coke. But that's not it at all. As it turns out it has something to do with dedication, or something. Sounds interesting.


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