Sunday, March 18, 2012

Low Tech

I was watching the NCAA tournament the other day on a plasma television, and it occurred to me I miss the scan lines. I like the lower resolution of analog TV. I also like the resolution and look of old glossy photos, Kodak instamatic prints and 35mm and the like. Instagram has apparently enjoyed success with iPhone users because they allow you to make nostalgic looking photos, imitating the look of old Kodak snapshots. I like the static feedback of AM radio, particularly in a car late at night traveling on interstates. My radio has a cassette tape player I still use sometimes. I'm not a collector of vinyl records, but some people prefer their sound. I still have a VCR I pop movies in now and then.

I'll continue to use all this obsolete crap, probably as long as it's convenient to do so. Some media is still available in used, second-hand stores. I don't see a point in seeking out expensive solutions to using old media, such as purchasing an expensive 8-track tape player however. I've read that some people are seeking out these long dead technologies, primarily because of a particular aesthetic. I know a few local bands released their album on 8 track, as well as digital formats of course.

Does all of this represent a trend? A movement? Probably not. Nothing is as convenient as Mr. Computer, and this is all alot of rambling crap. I'm going to use whatever is convenient to play music or watch a movie, whether its popping a CD in, or ripping it to my computer to play. Off to Pandora and Youtube.


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