Friday, September 16, 2005

Doug Christie, Dallas Maverick

Does this make any sense to anyone? First, I come back here and post, which seems particularly pointless. Then, Doug Christie becomes a Maverick. I am not certain if I should condem this action, or I should cry out to my dark father Satan for his wisdom and power. As a player, I think Christie brings alot to the floor. Versatile player, good defender, can even run the point. On the other hand, he comes from the rival Sacramento Kings. Do rivalries mean nothing any longer in sport?

It would have been a cold day in hell before Randy White, Harvey Martin or Roger Staubach played a snap in a Washington Redskin uniform. But that day is long gone.

Part of me thinks we are shaking hands with the devil. Another part of me thinks we shall make our devil's bargain, and drink wine from the skulls of our enemies...

Hail to you dark father Satan!


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