Saturday, March 05, 2005

Court says blogger equivalent of cattle

Interesting ruling in the Apple vs. Blogger employee case I don't have any top secret industry information to publish here. Except of course, there's this computer company with a cult following that constitutes 3 percent of the world market in PCs. The computers they sell have a high price tag, seeing as how they both design the hardware and software for their product. Their CEO is something between an entrepeneur and a guru, something of a cross between a drugged out 60s neo philospher radical, and a grey suited conservative businessman, a cross of Ghandi and Bill Gates, a gigantic radioactive fire breathing lizard and a retiring, quiet intellectual at a small northeastern liberal arts college...

But I digress. Anyhow, the crazies at Apple think that leaking information about their new secret project, "Asteroid," is a great crime. I can tell them that they are getting all worked up about nothing. Asteroids is a real good game, and my all time high score is 50000 points, because I knew how to eliminate all the asteroids except one and then shoot that little fucking UFO that keeps coming out. That's a thousand fucking points each time!

Apple wants to make it illegal for its employees to publish top secret information on the web. Sounds like Apple is doing the enntire technology industry a huge favor with this case.


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