Thursday, August 19, 2004

Arlington Cowboys

I was very excited to see Jerry Jones new plans to fuck Arlington instead of fucking Dallas. I live in Dallas, and Jerry fucking my home city could have negative consequences for me. Luckily, he has elected to fuck Arlington instead, where the Mayor was all but to eager to bend over right away.

Economic studies have yet to show any measurable economic benefits from building enormous sports stadiums. As I recall from high school economics, a region grows economically because of two factors:

1) It improves efficiency, making it cheaper, easier, or faster to produce goods

2) It trades goods with other regions, usually because those goods are unique or specific to the region

That’s about it. Studies show that people don’t travel to other cities to see sporting events, not in significant numbers anyway.

So you’re down to a basic observation, new sports stadiums don’t justify their cost. An excellent website with links to studies about this issue is Click on the Sports Stadium tab for more information.

I would urge the city of Arlington voters not to vote for this absurd deal. The arguments agaisnt public subsidy of such a frivolous and small part of the local economy are numerous. For an excellent breakdown of the arguments against sports stadiums, also visit I think that article was written while Philadephia was considering such a stadium.


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