Monday, March 21, 2005

Stan Ridgway in concert at the Wreck Room, Ft. Worth

I went to the Stan Ridgway concert the other night Stan was fun. The most interesting parts of the show came from Stan’s frequent interactions with a crowd of drunk guys at the front of the crowd. He dubbed them something like the “improvisational Texas prairie lands chorus,” as they tried to sing along with him on most of his songs, while not knowing the words. It was a good show. At one point the guy asked “Do you love me Stan?” To which Stan replied, “Love you? I don’t even fucking know you. I’m not gonna lie to you. I’ll tell you what Walt Whitman said, ‘Nothing human disgusts me.’”
He ended the evening with a Texas swing version of Mexican Radio, with him forgetting the words at points. I met him after the show. I asked him what he wrote the song Gone the Distance about, and he said it was a Curt Cobain song. He said if he were the Rock n Roll doctor he would have suggested to Curt that they go buy a sailboat. Sounds like something I blathered in my car once.


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