Monday, March 07, 2005

Hulk Smash dem Intellectuals

Yesterday in Paper, Hulk see article "Is Dallas good for smart people?" Hulk laugh. Of course Dallas good smart people. Ha ha. In paper Dallas Morning News yesterday, Hulk read this. Then today, on KERA public radio, have program with two people who argued for/against position Hulk laugh and laugh. Hulk smart. Hulk live in Dallas. Dumb ass people on radio not know how define intellectual. Theater scene? Literary scene? Humanities? Technology? Sciences? Universities? Societies? Everyone have different definition. Hulk say Dallas not New York. Not Los Angeles. Not Chicago.

Hulk think he smartest intellectual of all. He invite all Intellectual to Smart People Forum of Super Geniuses, then hit over head with bat. Ha Ha. Hulk smartest of all.

Mr. Hulk super genius, PhD


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