Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Daniel Ellsberg calls for leaking of Information

Daniel Ellsberg has a disturbing article in this month’s Harper’s. He is the man that leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971. In the article, he claims partial responsibility for the war in Vietnam and the deaths of the 50,000 soldiers that would come with the escalation in the war. He knew, and had possesion of documents in 1964, that indicated that the Johnson administration was lying about its plans to expand the war in Vietnam. In fact, it had every intention of expanding the war, and said publicly that it did not. Additionally, as is well known now, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a fabrication. Also something Ellsburg was aware of, but unable to tell the American public because such information was classified.

Now, he says based on contacts in the State and Defense departments, that the Bush administration is making operational plans for air strikes and tactical nuclear strikes against Iran. He says that just as he failed in his moral duty in 1964, that conscientious members of the current administration must come forward and make the American public aware of these plans.

Fat chance. When Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers he was charged with 115 felony counts, largely for leaking classified information. I doubt there’s anyone who is going to destroy their professional career, even for the greater good. Time will now tell if Ellsburg’s warnings are legitimate.


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