Saturday, October 01, 2005

Baseball Archipelageo

Once, I would have looked at this weekend’s Red Sox vs. Yankees match as a titanic battle between good and evil. I would have declared this a supernatural battle for the collective soul of all humanity. Now, however, I view both teams as a bunch of highly paid free agents that represent what sport has become.

What does it mean when the man who anchored the team that defeated the seemingly unstoppable Yankee machine in the 2001 World Series, is now a Yankee himself. Steinbrenner’s strategy is, “If you can’t beat them, buy them.” The other half of that 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks pitching juggernaut is playing for the Red Sox, and the only real reason for this state of affairs is money.

I think that I will pretend that the White Sox are the team that is different. I believe, that if I drink enough beer and eat enough hot dogs, I can delude myself into believing that there is something different about their team. But don’t confuse me with any facts or payroll information. Facts just complicate things.


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