Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alex Rodriguez

This will be a cynical sports post, but I think with good reason. USA Today is reporting that the New York Yankees will attempt to get out of their contract with their third baseman Alex Rodriguez because of a news article that he purchased steroids through a clinic in 2009 and 2012. Alex Rodriguez past involvement is not news to anyone. That Alex Rodriguez used them again shouldn't be shocking to anyone. Indeed, Major League Baseball, hasn't really acknowledged sufficiently how widespread the use of steroids is. However, the New York Yankees are not pursuing this course of action as a moral stance, they are persuing it because Alex Rodriguez hit .272 last year with 18 home runs, instead of .314 with 54 home runs. If A-Rod were still producing the inflated numbers, I believe the response would have been different. Instead, the Yankees will seek to avoid paying A-Rod $114 million. There is no precedent for a team not fulfilling a player's contract on these grounds, but the Yankees did attempt the same maneuver unsuccessfully with Jason Giambi in 2004. I have heard that some people still just view baseball as a game where you hit a ball and try and run around some bases.


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