Saturday, February 16, 2013


If writing is bad, is it worthless? If art doesn’t connect with its audience, has it failed? Is there a truth, a spiritual or moral or artistic truth that something can be held up to, used as its touchstone to see if it’s gold? If there is, do we keep or discard something based on its result with that test? If we’re deceived, and we realize it, does that have some value? Is there any value in accepting all things as they are, or is that complete insanity? A man laughs in the bar, his laughter echoes on itself, a red light appears, the food is ready. This moment will never repeat itself, not exactly, not in every aspect of its moment. It will be lost. None will care. Is it enough that we feel something is right or wrong, even if we do not know why we feel this way? If we discovered the source of our feeling, if such a thing were possible, should we feel differently, or should we expect to feel differently? Can a feeling be false? Or are feelings true regardless? If feelings are simply themselves, can the same be said for our thoughts? What’s the difference between a feeling and a thought.? What’s the difference between saying I hate you or I love you and feeling those emotions in the same moment? Saying them just to mouth the words? Everything. Maybe, however, we don’t know how we choose at all.


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