Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Car Review

If you are considering a large luxury SUV or truck, why not consider the M2 Bradley IFV. With better gas mileage than a Chevy Yukon, Ford F-350 or Toyota Tundra, the Bradley can provide the necessary armor and firepower for your family and transportation needs. The handling is more nimble than the Chevrolet Silverado we tested last week, and the 25mm cannon fires up to 200 rounds per minute, very handy for fire support at the kids' soccer games. The 2500m range on the cannon should also be sufficient for keeping the neighbors dogs off your lawn. Stuck in a traffic jam? The twin TOW2B missiles are capable of destroying most small cars and Mac trucks, at a maximum range of up to 3750 meters. At 30.4 tonnes, the Bradley should be capable of rolling over and crushing any Sunday drivers who delay your commute.

The annoying drone of traffic helicopters remain a problem for most commuters, and unfortunately the Bradley fails on this count. The designers have failed to include any surface to air missile anti-aircraft support. The M240C coaxial 7.62 mm medium machine gun might serve in a pinch, but most suburban car drivers will find it insufficient to their needs. BAE Systems Land and Armaments, (formerly United Defense) has included a DVD option with Bose speakers to keep the kids pacified for longer journeys. Passenger space should be sufficient for a family of ten, or six fully equipped soldiers.

Available in metallic orange and green.