Monday, September 09, 2013

The Technology

He didn't think at all about the technology, in fact, he didn't think it had much to do with his life. But all the time he was busy reading poetry and philosophy, the people were out building the towers. They were sticking stuff on top of buildings and working hard, working hard. Then one day, he decided he needed a new technology, a phone he could carry around with him. And then he went to the store and saw one, and bought it, and now that technology is part of his life. In fact, he can't imagine confronting day to day existence without that new technology. Remember, the technology is invisible to most of us, until it becomes available as a cheap consumer good, and once we adopt it, it becomes integrated into what we do everyday. Then, it magically becomes invisible again, in the sense that it is taken for granted. I may go to the store later and pick up some technology myself.