Sunday, August 02, 2009


It started with rock. First there was rock, and rock was for throwing at people. Then someone noticed that rock could cut rock. And then they were throwing sharp rocks. Then someone put a rock on the end of a stick. This was a breakthrough. And they were throwing sticks with sharp rocks. This was the way things were for a time. Then someone figured out how to get metal out of rock and put metal on a stick. This was a breakthrough. But then someone made a metal stick. This was a breakthrough. Metal Sticks became the thing to have for a long time. There was flying stick with metal on the end, and there was metal stick and that was the way it was for a long time. Metal sticks were some shit. Big metal sticks, small metal sticks, curved metal sticks. Metal sticks with lightness and speed, massive crushing metal sticks.

Other stuff happened, big objects for throwing rocks. These were good for buildings. But when it came to person to person, it was all about metal sticks. They came up with metal suits, but the counter to metal suits were just more metal sticks and wood sticks with metal on the end. Then came metal tubes that exploded with metal balls that flew out. At first, there was no way it would replace metal sticks. But gradually, little by little, things started moving towards metal tubes that exploded making flying metal balls. Particularly the big kind of metal tube, with the big metal balls. Then they wondered why the metal balls flew so many different directions. So they grooved the metal tubes like a screw. This was a breakthrough. Now it was metal balls that flew straight. Then they wondered if it wasn't about the number of flying metal balls. So they figured out how to make automated flying ball machines. This was a breakthrough. Then someone started packing canisters with explode material. This was a breakthrough. They started to wonder how big they could make the explosion of the metal canisters, so they kept making them explode bigger and bigger. They came up with new vehicles and machines for delivering the exploding metal canisters. They hadn't seen anything like this. The ability to make exploding metal canisters and flying metal balls were at all time highs. This was a breakthrough. Then someone came up with star furnace in a can. They were all awed to silence. Star furnace in a can. This was a breakthrough. Everyone wanted star furnace in a can. And those that had star furnace in a can thought it prudent to keep star furnace in a can way the hell away from anybody who didn't already have star furnace in a can. Except maybe a few people. If they paid well. And it all became about who had star furnace in a can and who didn't have star furnace in a can. And one day they used star furnace in a can against the others. And then everyone used star furnace in a can. And then they were not.

This was a breakthrough.