Sunday, March 10, 2013

35 Denton

It was 35 Denton this weekend, a time of musical experience. I traveled in my car on the very same interstate that 35 Denton is numbered for, and I arrived to find a marvelous parking spot in a marvelous parking lot. I went ahead and bought a ticket then proceeded to the food vendors. While waiting for a mushroom taco, I met the most marvelous dog. When the owner's held up the free T-shirt they'd just received, the dog knew to roll onto her back with her paws up so they could pull it over her head. "T-Shirt Time," the dog thought and knew what to do. Then I went to a coffee shop, and wasted a couple hours drinking coffee and surfing the web. When it was time for the Cannabanoids and Sarah Jaffe I walked down the street to the concert area. Unfortunately everyone was leaving. I asked a policeman what was going on and he said a large storm was coming. I then went back to the coffee shop to use the wifi and read on the 35 Denton website what in the world was going on. Everything had been moved to the Hive! The Hive, the Hive! The Hive was just a few blocks walk. Unfortunately, the Hive required everyone to get in line so they could run our IDs. And there was a large electrical storm approaching. You'd think that in a situation like that it would be a good idea to let everyone inside, but not in this case apparently. It only rained on me for 20 minutes or so, but it took an hour to get in the building. After getting in the building I was able to catch 2 songs by Sarah Jaffe and maybe 2 more with just the Cannabanoids. Then we waited for another hour for them to try and get the sound right. It was a taxing situation for the sound man, but the audience was patient. Killer Mike then appeared and delighted us with his stage persona and funny banter. He wanted everybody to get "fucking out of our minds." And everybody did get out of their minds. He was great. Then there was another hour delay as more sound issues arose. Then Solange came out and demonstrated she is a very talented young artist. Everyone was impressed. Afterwards I went to Hailey's and saw a band call the Soft Moon play a new grinding form of Techno or Electronica or neo-Industrial. I'm sure it fit somewhere in the cracks of those genres, and they had great energy and great presence. They danced around. Then I went home.