Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deep Ellum

One of the things to remember about Deep Ellum, is that there used to be more stuff there. How it came to be that there was less stuff there is a strange and confusing story, one that other people have tried to tell but never to any degree that was satisfactory. Sometime in the 80s some people with money convinced City Hall to zone the area as a night club district. Clubs opened. There was live music and the streets were packed on the weekend. Then came the 90s. I don't remember anything about that. But then, in the 2000s something changed. There was some crimes. And they publicized these crimes. And middle class people who used to frequent the clubs, didn't anymore. They went to Addison, or McKinney Avenue. And clubs closed, one after the other: Trees, Dada, Club Clearview. Adios Muchachos. Now some of the clubs have reopened. After some others reopened and closed again. That's all the time I have for city history.