Monday, October 06, 2008

Everything that happens will happen today

There is a game I like to play called Flux. It's a card game that has the characteristic of most good games, namely, it's easy to learn and builds in complexity. The rules of Flux change constantly depending on which cards are in play. The way you win may change as well, depending on which cards are in play.

David Byrne and Brian Eno's new album “Everything that Happens will Happens Today,” is available online in streaming form if you would like to listen for free. It is also available for download in multiple formats, as well as in Lexan/aluminum discs with pock marks representing zeros and ones to a computer. David Byrne und Brian Eno understand that the information is now flying.

Back when the Napster was unleashed, people in the music industry wanted to stop the easy pirating and distribution of music. They wanted to place the urine back in the urine container, but the urine can't go back in the bladder! Believe me, I've tried!

Of course this started before Napster. This started when music became digital information. And now that there is a global network where information can easily be transmitted anywhere at any time, there is still much consternation as to how the artist will collect revenue from the sale of his/her work. Mr. Byrne and Mr. Eno have decided to try and make the information fly as many places as possible as easily as possible. They are not trying to control the wombat. Controlling the wombat isn't possible anyway. The wombat is drunk, and has acquired a used 9mm pistol, and good legal counsel as well.

The drunken wombat is the consumer. Do not sue the drunken wombat, or hordes of angry wombats may appear on your porch. Anyway, there are one billion wombats, what the hell is suing 20 of them going to do?

I am listening to the streaming version of this album now. I plan to acquire it in some format, but I know not which format at this time. Until then, I am sticking the player places. It's exactly what Mr. Eno and Mr. Byrne want.